We offer a wide variety of accessories to support all your fish farming equipment needs including; Nets (hand & dip), aeration equipment, vertical flow hatchery unit, hatchery troughs, hatchery baskets, incubators, and much more. Enquire today!


Purewell supply a full range of nets for the fish farming industry, Dip nets, hand nets, Seine nets, Netting, Fish cages, and Tank covers. The dip nets are supplied with stainless steel frames, available either circular or ‘D’ shaped with GRP or wooden handles ranging from 15.5” to 23.5” plus all replacement parts are available.

Hatchery Troughs

Purewell Hatchery troughs can be purchased with or without baskets/trays, we have either GRP expanded aluminium or stainless trays, outlet screens and push/pull level controls, colour to your choice, various sizes available

Hatchery Baskets

Purewell hatchery baskets are available in expanded aluminium, stainless or GRP with stainless mesh.

Screens and Level Controls

Purewell supply screens that are rolled stainless steel, with perforated holes ranging from 1mm - 10 mm. We also offer a stainless slotted option. The level controls are the push/pull type but at Purewell we can also supply the swivel type.

Bespoke Orders

Enquire today for bespoke and custom orders.

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