Fish Farming Tanks

We offer a wide range of fish farming tanks, equipment and more. Feel free to contact us for more information to meet your requirements.

Circular Fish Farming Tanks

This part of the range has now been extended to include Purewell’s new 8m, 9m and 10m diameter tanks, which can be supplied to varying depths.

Square Fish Farming Tanks

Our range of square tanks have benefitted from evolutionary development over the years.

Modular Fish Farming Tanks

This system gives ultimate flexibility and will future-proof any aquaculture installation by allowing for expansion and growth with the new ‘bolt-on’ components of its modular system.

Transport Tanks

We offer a comprehensive range of transport tanks, fitted as standard with stainless steel carrying handles, full removable hatch and 2” drain valve.

Lumpfish Tanks

Our lumpfish tanks start with a 1m diameter x 1m deep tank, perfect for young stock and with an integral stainless steel screen and a low maintenance sump.

Koi Fish Tanks

Purewell manufactures a wide range of tanks used by the Koi enthusiast both for showing their fish or rearing.

Fish Farming Tank Pipework & Fittings

From small sockets to gigantic gate-valves. Purewell can supply it all! Lengths of pipe, all the fittings you need and more, delivered with your equipment.

Fish Farming Tank Installation

We also offer intallation services for your Fish Farming tanks, pipeworks and fittings.

Bespoke Orders

Enquire today for bespoke and custom orders.

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